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Our Staff

We are a group of talented accounting and finance experts who have managed fast-growing businesses through periods of unprecedented growth. Many of us are entrepreneurs ourselves and know what it’s like to be in our client’s shoes.

Once working 60-70 hour weeks we now want the same challenging and fulfilling work, with a more flexible schedule that we can customize around our lifestyles. However, with the ultimate amount of flexibility comes the ultimate amount of responsibility. While working remotely we stay open and communicative to our teammates, clients, and the rest of the AVL team.

Our team has a passion for learning and AVL provides an unprecedented opportunity to work with and learn from the best in the business. We work hard to foster a culture of team work that enables us to give value to our clients, our teammates and back to ourselves as we progress through our experience and careers.

Corey Bohler
Katie Smart
Tommie Mailey
Rachel Williams
Simon Le Couteur
Andy Gentile
Abby Reinholt
Heather Dubay
Megan Schuler
Cheryl Contreras
Anne Kreider
Heidi Huntington
Charles Abernathy
Clark Knopik
Mindi Mari
Mike Kitson
Rich Frankenheimer
Jim Nollsch
Jim Barnocky
Terri Keeler
Aaron Merric
Lisa Castillo
Susan Sieber
Amy Giggey

Our Daily Routine

We love fast-paced and challenging work. In any given day we are juggling multiple clients and their time sensitive needs. We work in a broad set of industries including Software/SaaS, Technology, Services, CPG/Food, Life Sciences, and Manufacturing & Distribution.

Our Principals lead our teams as experienced finance executives who build relationships in the community to engage with new clients. After building a relationship with the client the Principal determines the Scope of Work and engages the AVL team to build a finance team with the best set of skills to match the client’s needs.

Our Directors and Associates take charge of all things accounting and work to clean up and set up systems to give the client and our Principals the most visibility into the business actuals to guide strategic decision making.

Think you have what it takes?

Do you find your self happiest with multiple "irons in the fire"?
Do you tend to anticipate what needs to be done next?
Do you both enjoy understanding the big picture AND rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty?

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Frequently Asked Questions

AVL Background

What differentiates AVL from the competition?

We are a group of experienced professional finance and accounting experts. We are a dedicated fractional team that gives a diverse amount of expertise and background for often the same price as one full time employee. We have worked with hundreds of clients in 29 states and internationally and currently have a team of over 50 professionals.

AVL Teams

What is the management structure?

AVL CFO’s are the lead strategists that work with the clients on a high level. The CFO’s oversee the Controller and/or Accountant assigned to the project.

Do I work with the same AVL team or will I work with different people?

We design each team around both the client’s needs and our available employees. Matching depends on available time and desired skills. This may mean that you work with the same team more than once, but more often than not you will have a unique team you work with on most clients.

Career Management

What are my opportunities for growth?

When you engage with AVL you will be working with multiple clients at the forefront of their industries. This is challenging and fulfilling work and your opportunity to grow in your career and knowledge is limitless.

Does AVL provide training?

AVL does provide training. We are a group made entirely of experienced finance professionals and we work to leverage our collective expertise to grow as a firm.

Client Work

How long is a typical client engagement?

AVL is not a staffing solution. When we engage with a client, we truly partner with them. This leads to a stronger and longer relationship. A typical client engagement can last up to 2 years or even longer.

Am I expected to work at a client’s place of business or AVL’s office or from home?

Typically, the AVL employees work from home. There is often an in-person kick off meeting with a new client at their place of business or AVL’s home office. After that, work is mostly done remotely, with the possibility of some regular on site meetings.

How many clients will I have?

The amount of clients you have will depend on how much you want to work on a weekly basis. 25 hours of work per week could be between 3 and 6 clients, or thereabouts.

Getting Started with AVL

Is this position full time or part time? Is there a minimum amount of hours each week I need to work?

All of our positions we hire for are between 25-40 hours a week. We discourage employees from working overtime.

Do I get all of my clients at once or is there a ramp up period?

There is a ramp up period. Each client will involve an unpredictable amount of time initially for clean up or set up. Once your initial engagement slows down, we will continue to add clients until you are at your desired amount of working hours. New clients only come on board when they are ready. Since AVL is unable to control the rate at which clients are ready to engage, there can be long ramp up periods and it could take up to 6 months to get you to your desired work hours. An ideal candidate has flexibility in income that will allow for a ramp up period.


What kinds of programs do I need to know?

The more programs you know, the better. Many of our clients utilize some form of Quickbooks. A high level of technology acumen is required for this position. It is also required for you to know the Microsoft Suite such as Excel and PowerPoint.