Master the Art of Startup Funding

Amy Giggey  ·  December 19, 2013  ·  0.6 min

The UpTake: Serial entrepreneur Bill Baker says there are three and only three risks to consider and mitigate in order to have a shot at getting funding from investors, especially in a tough economy like this one.

Real entrepreneurs are true multitaskers. They are part salesmen, part marketers, part geeks, part strategists, part evangelists and part talent agents, but total execution animals, able to switch with ease between core competencies or arts, as I call them.

Different entrepreneurs are better at some arts versus others, but few if any grasp the most important art in any early-stage venture: the art of funding. Like advice on love and relationships, giga-volumes have been written on the topic of raising capital but it remains a mystery. Read More.